Monday , January 30 2023

Aeon Texture Pack 1.8.8

Aeon texture pack adds, modifies and brings back about 100 graphics to Aeon.

Minecraft Version: 1.7.x/1.8.x
Author: StormCoreFilms

This pack adds, modifies and brings back about 100 graphics.

  • Blocks and items: enchanting table, tracks, daylight sensors, plants, dispenser, reed, lamps, item frames, clock, map background, iron golem, name tag, chests etc;
  • Lots of interface fix and update;Disc 11 now plays a new track (1.7.2+ only);
  • Galacticraft: Flag of the Earth (1.6 only), Frequency Module, Glowsone torch, Thermal Padding, Asteroid rocks, Overworld and Asteroid ores, Dense Ice etc;
  • Bibliocraft: glasses, furniture (enable it in the BiblioCraft.cfg) and interface for clipboard and mapping, custom panting;
  • Mekanism: glow blocks, road blocks and salt blocks.
  • Carpenter’s Blocks: new designs and patterns for beds, doors and blocks.
  • 2 extra patch versions: Mars and Venus patches. Both add support for custom skies and terrain (requires MCPatcher!).


Mediafire Mediafire Cloud Cloud (Russian)

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