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Monday , November 18 2019

Skylandia Survival Map 1.9/1.8.8/1.8

Like a separate universe in the air every piece of land and has its own characteristics. You will struggle to explore the islands. In addition, each island has its own creatures and you can win the game by beating them. Just download the map to stay alive beyond the first 2 months of this figure of 20,000 downloads, embark on an adventure!

Skyland 5-a universe with different candidates. The unproblematic first island called Green Planet, which is the last island Nether Island is an island and fight while requiring very challenging. Each island is very large but the largest desert island. All of the views of the island and all the different unique part last monsters (bosses) are. You have to kill these monsters at the end of each island and comes in front of you all that you need to end a dungeon. In addition, in all of the island’s lava.

skylandia map

If you mix thoroughly map you can find hidden chests. This is not so easy to find chests. If you want to make it more difficult gamedifficultYou can test yourself by selecting the setting.